About us

We are glad to introduce ourselves. We are a feline association IFA „Alpha Catum“. Our main goals are to:

 - team up the community and improve the welfare of cats.

- unify cat breeders and like-minded people.

- respect everyone‘s life where the most important role is taken by a CAT – a sentinel of our home.

- seek a mutual benefit in human‘s and cat‘s life by conserving nature and taking care of our home.

- educate people and encourage cat breeders to work professionally and responsibly.

- spare time for solving important questions concerning cats and breeders.

- confer, to hear one another, to respect cats while taking decisions which determine their fate and safety.

- vouch fair and honest team work and collaboration.

Only living with these charming creatures we can understand and appreciate their world, needs and their love for their owners. Love, care, honesty and responsibility are the core values that guide us forward and is the reason why we are trying our best and why we are strong and happy. We are thankful for all the people who brought us into this extraordinary cat world, who always were by our side and are ready to work together in strengthening community work and improving reciprocal understanding between cats and people.

We believe in our success!

About WCF